Speed Star Sypan Joe
Joe Prof
Vital statistics
Position Drums
Age 43
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Biography Edit

Speed Star Sypan Joe (real name Koji Ueno , born 16 March 1972) (Blood Type 0)

Former Drummer of Sex Machineguns , now Ellguns (The Cycle) ,

Black DASEIN ,Daida Laida and Dufu.

Life Event's Edit

-1997 Join to Sex Machineguns.

-1999 Because of the injury stopped activity.

-2000 Funded Dasein with Ricky.

-2004 Back to Sex Machineguns.

-2006 Funded Elleguns/Leave form SMG.

-2010 Reactivation of Dasein.

-2011 Funded Daida Laida/.

Trivia Edit

-It is a humanist.

-His nickname comes from the "Nick Menza style" cycling pants he was wearing during his audition.

Appearances Edit

-Band's Edit

1.Sex Machineguns 1997-1999, 2004-2006.

2.Dasein 2000-2003, 2010-presents.

3.Daida Laida 2011-presents.

4.Elleguns 2006-presents.

5.The Cycle 2007-presents.

Social Media Edit

-FC2 Joe Blog Edit

Drums Edit

Pearl Drums Edit


Video Edit

The CYCLE:Drums【JOE】 DRUM SOLO!07:39


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