Some attributes
Status Active
Origin Japan
Years active 2009-Presents

Genres J-Rock/Pop
Label Universal Music Group, Avex Group

Welcome to the Passpo☆ Wiki Edit

Your best source for accurate and informative information about one of the worlds greatest band's Passpo☆

Biography Edit

Biography Edit

Passpo-J-Pop/Rock/Dance band of eight grils.


Members Edit

Vocal/Dance Edit

-Negishi Ai (Vocal/Dance) Edit

-Fujimoto Yukimi (Vocal/Dance) Edit

-Iwamura Natsumi (Vocal/Dance) Edit

-Masui Mio (Dance) Edit

-Mori Shiori (Dance) Edit

-Makita Sako (Dance) Edit

-Anzai Naomi (Dance) Edit

-Tamai Anna (Dance) Edit


The Ground Crew Edit

-Panther (Guitar) (The Cycle) Edit

-Himawari (Drums) (Dustar-3) Edit

-Kentaro Akutsu 阿久津 健太郎 (Guitar) Edit

-Kentaro Yokota (Guitar) (Gargoyle) Edit

-Spyke (Bass) Edit


Discography Edit

Albums Edit

1.TAKE☆OFF (8.12.2010) JRRC-1019 Edit

2.CHECK-IN (7.12.2011) UPCH-9698 Edit

3.One World (14.11.2012) UPCH-9791 Edit

4.JEJEJEJET!! (11.12.2013) UPCH-9904 Edit

5.Beef or Chicken? (13.5.2015) UPCH-7003 Edit

Video Edit

PASSPO☆ - Ignition ~ BABY JUMP~天国への搭乗便~05:15

PASSPO☆ - Ignition ~ BABY JUMP~天国への搭乗便~


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