Vital statistics
Position Bass
Age 44
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 169cm
Weight 51kg (Old Data)

Biography Edit

Noisy (real name Hiroshi Ota , born 13 December 1971) (Blood Type 0) Former Bassist of Sex Machineguns. Now Dufu, Black DASEIN, 云うだけ番長, 処刑羅威堕亞, Dustar 3.

Life Event's Edit

-1995 Join to Sex Machineguns.

-2003 Funded Dustar-3/Retreat from SMG.

-2005 Funded 云うだけ番長.

-2010 Join to Dasein.

Trivia Edit

"To be continue"  "Into to Fire" Noisy 1997. 

Appearances Edit

-Band's Edit

1.Sex Machineguns 1995-2003.

2.Dustar-3 2003-presents.

3.云うだけ番長 2005-presents.

4.Black Dasein 2010-presents.


Blogs Edit

-Ameba Edit

-Twitter Edit

Guitars Edit

-Noisy Custom Basses Edit

Noisy 2133123

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