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Status Active
Origin Setagaya/Japan
Years active 2012-Presents

Genres Alternative Hard Rock

Biography Edit

Loka - Japanese band funded in 2012 by former drummer of Sex Machineguns Ken'ichi , Kihiro, SIN and 勝己(Katsumi).

Discography Edit

-Albums Edit

1.EnFLAME (2012.11.07 ) CTLR-1005

Album Loka 1

2.QUATTRO (2014.09.03) CTLR-1011

Album loka 2

-Single Edit

1.Make it Through (2012.03.11) CTLR-1001

Single loka 1

2.ALIVE (2013.05.03 ) CTLR-1008

Single loka 4

3.Don't ever leave me out (2013.05.03) CTLR-1009

Single loka 5

4.FROM YESTERDAY (2013.06.09) CTLR-1010

Single loka 3

5.CRISS x CROSS (2013.07.02)  CTLR-1007

Single loka 2

Members Edit

-Kihiro (Vocals) 2012-Presents Edit

-Ken'Ichi (Drums) 2012-Presents Edit

-勝己 (Bass) 2012-Presents Edit

-Sin (Guitar) 2012-Presents Edit

Social Media Edit

-Facebook Edit

-Twitter Edit

-Official Page Edit

-Youtube Edit

Video Edit

LOKA "FROM YESTERDAY" Official Music Video04:16

LOKA "FROM YESTERDAY" Official Music Video

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