91L9bXaijML. SL1500
Released October 19th 2014
Recorded Okinawa
Length 36:57
Label Kanameishi Records
Producer Kagenobu Kuwahata

Tracklist Edit

1. Overture (1:38)

2. GS BOY (5:12)

3. ダッチの奥さん (3:56)

4. 未練FIRE!(Album ver.) (4:17)

5. TEXAS FIVE (0:42)

6. 良かったね。(4:05)

7. エグイ食い込み (4:44)

8. いつもの喫茶店 (4:17)

9. マーメイド地獄 (4:00)

10. プラズマS (4:06)

Overview Edit

Their 10th album LOVE GAMES was their first album with new drummer Leon. The album contains great tracks such as "GS BOY", 未練FIRE!, エグイ食い込み and マーメイド地獄.

Versions Edit

October 19th, 2014 - Kanameishi Records - NQKS-1006

Members Edit

20141028-sexmachineguns ph new

Shingo☆ (Bass), Leon (Drums), Anchang (Vocals, Guitar)

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