Ino Head Park
Ino head park
Some attributes
Status Inactive
Origin Japan
Years active 2003-2012, 2013

Genres J-Pop/Rock , Dance
Label  ?

Welcome to the Ino Head Park Wiki Edit

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Page run by Ujitéru Hojo.

Lineup Edit

Current Edit

-Takuya (Guitar) 2003-Present

-Sussy (Guitar) 2004-Present

-(Support) J-ZEAL (Vocals) 2011, 2013

-(Support) 曽我”JETTSOUL”将之 (Bass) 2013

-(Support) SHOW (Drums) 2013

Past Edit

-Sora (Vocals) 2011-2012

-Dutch (Vocals) 2006-2010

-Jetter Mic (MC) 2003-2009

-JO:YA (Vocals) 2003-2005

Biography Edit

Ino Head Park is a Oshare kei band from Japan, formed in August 2003. It began a one-night session band with TAKUYA ans MIC MAN. The two decided to make an official band, named after a park in Tokyo. Their concept is “A Mobile Theme Park”. 

Discography Edit



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