Released October 9th 2002
Recorded Tokyo
Length 59:15
Producer Isao Kanaya

Tracklist Edit

1. 暴走ロック (5:02)

2. 頬白鮫の悲劇 (4:05)

3. 圏外なわたし (4:17)

4. そこに、あなたが... (5:22)

5. サイレン (4:28)

6. SPICE (4:16)

7. 悪魔の化身 (5:13)

8. 日曜日 (4:07)

9. 逆風 (4:31)

10. 夏でも寒い (3:50)

11. 野獣になりたい (5:05)

12. 刺身と山葵 (5:15)

13. 世直し GOOD VIBRATION (3:44)

Overview Edit

Their fourth album “IGNITION” was a back to roots album to a more glam sound with new guitarist Circuit V Panther they were at the top of their game. After the tour Sex Machineguns suddenly announced their disbandment. This was because Himawari and Noisy wanted to form a new band which became Dustar-3. With great hits like “暴走ロック”, 世直し GOOD VIBRATION, そこに、あなたが…, 頬白鮫の悲劇 and 刺身と山葵. The album peaked at number 3 on the charts.

Versions Edit

October 9th, 2002 - TOSHIBA EMI - TOCT-24870

Members Edit


Anchang (Vocals, Guitar), Noisy (Bass), C.J.Himawari (Drums), C.V.Panther (Guitar)

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