Released March 7th 2001
Recorded Tokyo, Lake Yamanaka
Length 54:30
Producer Akira Sasajima

Tracklist Edit

1. S.H.R. ~セクシーヒーローレヴォリューション~ (3:43)

2. みどりのおばちゃん (5:11)

3. 狼とキリギリス (3:38)

4. パンチ DE love Attack (7:30)

5. Death (2:52)

6. 愛こそすべて (4:17)

7. フェロモン (5:18)

8. とうちゃん (3:54)

9. サラリーマン嵐 (3:22)

10. 食べたいなめたい危険地帯 (3:44)

11. Fire (7:04)

12. 全国大会 (3:47)

Overview Edit

Their third album “Barbe-Q Michael” was their first album with new drummer C.J Himawari and their last before Rhythm Guitarist SUSSY left for over 10 years…The album from recorded from December 2000 to January 2001. Anchang improved his vocal style for the album along with a band-wide musical makeover… with the technical skill increase they released one of the most hardcore fan-beloved albums of their career with hits like “S.H.R セクシーヒーローレヴォリューション, 愛こそすべて、食べたいなめたい危険地帯、FIRE and とうちゃん. The album peaked at number 7 on the Japanese Charts. 

Versions Edit

March 7th, 2001 - TOSHIBA EMI - TOCT-24546

Members Edit

6 000000002310

Sussy (Guitar), Noisy (Bass), C.J.Himawari (Drums), Anchang (Vocals, Guitar)

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